Flagship Series

Pils of Creation

A Hoppy Pilsner

A crisp, refreshing pilsner with Tettnanger and Saphir hops. Heritage Barke® barley gives a rich malt character to complement the assertive hop presence. More Details…

5.2% Alc/Vol.

Flagship Series

West Coast Drift

A Hazy IPA

A great quake has fractured the land. Once familiar sights vanish over the horizon. Drift away with the West Coast and this hazy IPA. Brewed with Nelson, Mosaic, and Cashmere. More Details…

7.0% Alc/Vol.

Flagship Series

Bay Crusher

A West Coast IPA

Something foul has emerged from the deep and it really, hates, bridges. Hold onto your butts and enjoy this delightful West Coast IPA. Brewed with Sabro, Mosaic and Cashmere. More Details…

6.8% Alc/Vol.

Flagship Series

Super Bloom

A Hoppy Ale

Poppies blanket the hills during this rare, once in a lifetime phenomenon. Far less rare is this light golden ale with the hop character of a bold IPA. enjoy it daily. More Details…

5.3% Alc/Vol.